Netscape is not supported, Please use IE or Opera

Here is the solution for the problem "Netscape is not supported, please use IE or Opera."
We often get this error message even though if we are using internet explorer. These problem is encountered while filling an application form or submitting an application. The best example of one such websites is When we try to register in this website it always says 'Netscape is not supported, Please use IE or Opera'. In order to avoid this problem follow the below steps:

Browser used: Internet Explorer 11
Operating system: Windows 7, 8 , 8.1 
Demonstrated website:

Step 1:
Open the website that you want to register or apply for a job in internet explorer. After opening the website if you get the above error message just ignore it by clicking close or OK for now.

Step 2:
After opening the website in internet explorer press F12 key then a Developer window will open at the bottom of the browser as show below: (click on the images to enlarge)

Step 3:
Now press Ctrl+8 then Emulation will open in developer window.

Step 4:
In the Emulation window change the "Document mode" from Edge(Default) to 10. After changing the Document mode your website automatically reloads otherwise manually reload the website.
Now your problem is solved and you can complete the registration. If still the problem pursuits follow the below step

Step 5:
Even after changing the Document mode if still the error message displays than change the "User agent string" from Default to Internet Explorer 10 or 9 or 8.
After changing Document mode and User agent string reload the website. The error message stops displaying. Don't change other settings expect what we told here. If you change the error message starts displaying again and you can't register in the website.
Note: Don't close the Developer window until you complete your registration. If you close the Developer window after changing Document mode and User agent string everything sets back to default. Then again the error message starts displaying. If developer window is closed unfortunately follow the above five steps again.

Another method:
If the above method is not working or having problem with the above steps. Then use this method for solving your problem. First open the Internet Explorer and now open the website in the browser. After opening website click on the "Tools" icon on the top right corner of your browser and then click on "compatibility view settings".
Now a small window will open having two boxes. One is "Add this website" and the other is "Websites you've added to Compatibility View". In add this website box you can already find just click on Add button. If there is nothing in the box then type in that box and click on Add button. Then it will be added to websites you've added to compatibility view. After adding simply close the small window your web page automatically reloads otherwise reload it manually, you will find the error message stops displaying and solved your problem.

For Firefox Users:
Most of the times old Internet Explorer browsers crash more frequently when compared to new Internet Explorer 11. As you are changing your browser to an old version it might crash. So, if you browser starts crashing off and on. Then use Firefox browser for registering. If you open the website in Firefox the error message displays in order to rectify this problem there are many add-ons available for Firefox. These add-ons changes the Firefox into internet explorer and then you can use Firefox as internet explorer. The most popular add-ons that are presently working are
  1. User Agent Switcher
  2. User Agent Overrider
To install anyone of the above add-ons click on the Firefox icon on the top left corner of the browser and choose Add-ons. After choosing Add-ons a new tab will open showing Extensions that your browser have presently. Now Click on Get Add-ons which is just above the Extensions Tab and search for any one of the above mentioned add-on and install(preferably install User Agent Overrider as it is easy to use). After installing restart your browser(If you had installed User Agent Overrider Add-on no need to restart your browser) and change the preferences to Internet Explorer 8 or 9 or 10. Preferences can be changed by the installed Add-on icon. Icon starts displaying in your browser on the top right corner of the browser i.e., beside the home button. After changing the preference you can open the website and can register in it. If the user agent overrider add-on hasn't helped you then you have change the user agent string in the browser configuration. For getting into your browser configuration type about:config in the address bar. But be careful in this as it displays all the configuration of Firefox if you do any mistake here your browser will be either corrupted or it will crash and never opens.

For Google Chrome Users:
Similarly Google Chrome Users can also follow the above procedure. In order to download above Extension goto chrome web store and search for the extension. After installing you change the Google chrome into Internet Explorer and register in the required website.
After completion of your work change the preference back to default or disable the add-on temporarily(don't remove it if necessary you can use later by clicking enable). If you don't change the preference back to default your browser will work as Internet Explorer only. As internet explorer is a bit slow when compared to other browsers like Firefox and Google chrome. So, change it back to default.

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