How to get rid of unwanted search engines?

The most commonly faced problem is unwanted search engines like
  • Delta search
  • Babylon toolbar
  • PlayThru Player
  • Stamplive
  • Binkiland
  • Delta toolbar
  • Facemoods
  • Offers4U
  • Visual Shopper
  • Qvo6
  • Search Assistant SearchWeb
  • Search result
  • Vitalia installer and many more. 
in our browsers. These search engines are installed into our computer while installing any free software. Once they are installed they start appearing in browsers homepage and every tab of it. When we search for anything these search engines shows up and displays inappropriate results and too many annoying ads. Simultaneously they steal your personal information and sometimes they inject virus into our computers. Having a good antivirus software won't prevent you from suspicious activity it does and antivirus softwares can't detect them because you agreed to install agreement. Even though you change the homepage search engine they start appearing again and again. So, removing this search engines is a little bit tricky but not too difficult. Here in this post we have provided some of the ways to get rid of this unwanted search engines.

First things first:
While any installing any software read the user agreement carefully. I won't say to read the entire agreement as most of us may not be having time but have a glance at it because in that agreement it will mentioned that you agree to install search engines as mentioned above. So, pay some attention towards user agreement and the steps while installing the software. If you find any suspicious lines like "You agree Delta Search as your default search provider" immediately cancel the installation and prevent yourself from unwanted search engines. Well if by mistake you installed the software that contains unwanted search engines or already facing the problem of it, here are the few steps to get rid of them.

Norton Power Eraser:
Symantec Norton developed a program called Norton Power eraser to remove all the unwanted search engines or toolbars. Download it and scan your computer for any unwanted toolbars and adwares. For downloading Norton power eraser click here.
After downloading install and open it. In the norton eraser window click on unwanted application scan icon. When Norton Power Eraser completes the scan, the results are displayed in the unwanted Apps scan complete window. If you find any unwanted programs, click uninstall and follow the on-screen instructions.
After installation restart the computer. If norton eraser doesn't work, then you have manually uninstall them.

Uninstall unwanted programs:
Go to control panel-->Programs-->Programs and Features their you will be find all the installed programs on your computer. Uninstall all the programs that you doesn't need or any suspicious program and don't forget to remove the toolbars as they slow down your browser. Uninstalling such programs will clear most of your problem.

Remove from extensions:
Some Search engines will be added to extensions even though you uninstall the program in control panel it still exists in extensions. In order to remove it completely extension should also be cleared. For removing from extensions click on customize icon on the top right side for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. For chrome open settings on left side extensions remove all the search engine extensions. For Firefox in customize menu their is a direct option for Add-Ons open it go to extensions and remove search engine add-ons if any.
Internet explorer is a bit different as their might be some people using it. If you are using internet explorer open tools (use shortcut: Alt+x) in that click on manage add-ons and it opens all the available extensions in internet explorer, disable unwanted programs. Remember unwanted programs cannot be removed in internet explorer you can only disable them.
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Reset browser:
Even after uninstalling and removing from extensions if still the unwanted search engine is annoying you reset your browser. Follow below steps for resetting
For Google Chrome click on customize icon on the top right side and open settings scroll down their you can find show advanced settings click on it. This opens advanced settings scroll to the bottom their you can see Reset Settings clicking on it will reset entire browser and removes all the newly installed search engines.
For Firefox click on menu button and then click help. From the help menu choose troubleshooting information A new page opens in that click on Refresh Firefox it resets your browser and clears all the malware search engines.
For Internet Explorer open tools (use shortcut:Alt+x) menu and then click internet options. A small window opens which contains all the settings of internet explorer go to Advanced tab and at the bottom click on reset.
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Note: Resetting browser will disable all your Extensions you need to enable those extensions manually in the same customization tab and also it clears your history be careful about it.

Still not solved?
Even doing all the above steps doesn't solve your problem. Then here is the possible reason for that
An extension may be added to your browser shortcut(On Desktop) that often used by you for opening browser even it causes search engine problem. For clearing it right click on the shortcut and then click on properties. Delete all the text other than the below shown one:

Delete from register:
This is for a little bit advanced users if the above methods solve your problem no need to do this one. But if you want to remove every trace of search engines do the following:
Use a register cleaner software like CCleaner or you can do it manually open run command window (windows key+R) and type regedit press enter. Then register window opens and search for the unwanted search engine you want to remove and delete what ever key it shows.

All the above steps confused you? No need to worry about it we are here to help you. If you need any assistance feel free to contact us, we will reply to you at the earliest and with the best solution.
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