How to Speedup your PC?

Most of us think that we are getting the best performance of our PC. Are you sure that we are getting the best of our PC? To enhance the performance of your PC to the best, try the following the tips:

Operating Systems: Windows 7 and Windows 8

Disable Unnecessary programs during Startup for Windows 7:
Many unnecessary programs load automatically when you boot up your PC. These programs increase the boot time and slow down your system.
To disable these programs open "run command window"("windows key+R" opens run command window) and type "msconfig" then a window opens as shown below:
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Now click on Startup tab and in the startup tab list of all startup programs are shown. Uncheck the unnecessary programs and click on apply. Then it will ask to restart your PC and do it.

Note: Don't disable all the programs in the startup, there are some programs like "Microsoft windows operating system", "Intel common user Interface" etc. (not only those two there are some other programs also which shouldn't be disabled as an example i have mentioned only two). If you are unaware of what to disable contact us we will help you.

For Windows 8:
In windows 8 startup programs are shifted to "Task Manager". To open Task manager right click anywhere on "Taskbar" and you will see the option Task Manager. After clicking the following window opens:
Task manager option
Now the Task manager open and click on More Details at the bottom to see all the tabs, where you find the startup tab and you can disable the unnecessary startup programs their.

Uninstall Programs:
Regularly delete unnecessary programs in your system i.e., delete all the trial versions after usage and also programs you haven't been using for long time. In order to uninstall programs goto Control Panel-->Programs-->Programs and Features.
Uninstall a program
Ready Boost an excellent option for low RAM systems:
Ready boost is a special feature that is available in windows 7 and 8. Ready boost increases the performance of the system by allowing mass storage device to be used as a temporary hard-drive memory cache for the purpose of increasing the access speed to the hard disk.
Devices that can be used for ready boost are:
  • USB flash drives
  • SD Cards
The above mentioned devices must have atleast 250 MB free space. To enable ready boost plug your drive and open properties of the drive then you can find the option Ready Boost as shown below:
Ready Boost option
To enable ready boost select "use this device" and it also allows you to specify the space to reserve for system speed.
Detailed information about Ready Boost is not provided here. For more information you can visit the following websites:-
Link 1-
Link 2-

Clean hard disk regularly:
Cleaning of hard disk is one of the best option to get rid of unnecessary files and increase the performance. For cleaning of hard disk you can use windows Disk Cleanup or you can also third party software's like CCleaner.
To open Disk Cleanup you can simply type it in the search. Disk cleanup clears all the junk files including temporary files also.

Most of the people never worry about updates that are released by Microsoft. These updates have security patches and helps in protecting from being attacked from various websites or sources. So, keep your updates on and stay protected.

Disk Defragmentation:
Disk Defragmentation is the process of combining fragmented data on the hard disk. So, that it can work more effectively.
Fragmentation occurs over time when you save, change or delete files. The changes that you save to a file are often stored in a different place on the volume than the original file. This doesn't change where the file appears in windows-only where the bits of information that make up the file are stored on the actual volume. Over time, both the file and the volume itself become fragmented, and your computer slows down as it has to look in different places to open a single file.
To combine the fragmented data defragmentation software is provided with in the windows. Type Defragmentation in search and then you can open it. Click on Optimize to defragment the hard disk.
You can also Turn On Scheduled optimization which automatically optimizes your hard drive.

Upgrade your RAM:
RAM stands for "Random Access Memory", your system speed mainly depends on the installed memory i.e., on RAM. Even though by using Ready Boost you can increase the performance of your system but test cases shown that a system with 512 MB of RAM ready boost can speedup the operation from 11.7 seconds to 2 seconds, where as increasing the installed memory from 512 MB to 1 GB reduced it to 0.8 seconds. Since the prices of RAM has been dropped down it is better to upgrade your RAM.

If your PC worked fine until yesterday and when you turn on it next day, you will find that it slowed down suddenly. You might be wondering what could be the reason? The main reasons for sudden slow down of your PC are: Infected by virus, Free space and Corrupted programs.
To stay protected from being infected by virus have good antivirus software installed in your PC and empty your hard disk regularly by deleting unnecessary files in it. Some times corrupted program cannot be removed so easily, to uninstall them boot your system into safe mode. In safe mode you can uninstall corrupted programs.

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